Best of 2013 — The Bridesmaids

February 20th, 2014

I’m amazed we don’t have more broken ankles on a wedding day. I mean, come on. I’m thinking to myself, “Ok, these ladies just spent four hours getting ready. They’re in heals. They’re wearing a dress. They’re freezing. Nah, they wouldn’t want to risk it all for this crazy shot.” And, to my constant surprise–I’m wrong. These girls will do anything for a fun photo and are always the life of the party.
We love meeting with the bride and groom before the wedding and hearing how fun their bridal party is going to be. And the ladies always prove themselves to be a fun bunch to work with. As photographers, we love nothing more than people who love being in photos and making them fun and memorable (except, perhaps, that occasionaly bridesmaid who maybe wants to be in a few too many photos).
We’re always looking for fun new poses and always know we can count on these ladies to make it happen. If you’re a bridesmaid for 2014, get those ideas cooking so you can be in the best of for this year!


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Best Of 2013: Getting Ready

February 11th, 2014

Thank you for joining us in our “BEST OF 2013″ Series.  From here on, we will progress through a  wedding day in a mostly chronological way.  So this week we start off with the getting ready photos.

Wedding days are full of emotions, personalities, colors, temperatures, decorations, guests, families, and all the other  dynamics that you can imagine.  And it all starts in the morning.  The dress is revealed.  The suit is put on.  Flowers arrive.  Bridesmaids crying.  Mascara running.  Groomsmen drinking.  Mom processing.  Photographer capturing.

We spend a lot of time getting to know the bride and groom through our initial meetings, to the engagement photos, sometimes occasional dinners and drinks, and multiple e-mails and phone calls preparing for one day.  When we arrive to the church, salon, or home, it all comes together.  Friends and family start gathering around the bride and groom giving them their love and support as they prepare for the special moments before them.


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Best of 2013: The Rings

January 30th, 2014

Every year we create a best of series for several categories.  The Girls, The Guys, Wedding Parties, Reception, details, etc.  With all the extreme cold we thought this was the perfect time to share the warmth that we all feel when celebrating a wedding with family or friends.

When looking through thousands (and we mean thousands) of wedding pictures admittedly had its “carpal tunnel” moments but the memories were far too enjoyable to ever call it quits.

It didn’t take us long to decide which series we should start off with.  Because there is one part of the day that the wedding day is ultimately dependent on–the ring.  Well maybe not dependent upon the ring, but its often the symbol that signifies the beginning commitment to the marriage process, the promise to keep it together, and a keepsake for future generations to exhibit the love that existed between two people.


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Shelly & Brian Brave the Cold

January 27th, 2014

The first time we met Shelly and Brian it was obvious how much fun we were going to have on their wedding day.  And they didn’t disappoint.  They chose Grand Geneva–specifically, the Evergreen ballroom–as their reception venue for a very special reason: it was there at a friend’s wedding  they had met years previous.

The road conditions made for an interesting drive over to Chapel on the Hill for the ceremony in a trolley bus, but thankfully we made it around Lake Geneva safely.  We had taken their engagement photos at the stables of Grand Geneva on a different freezing cold day, so we figured why not this day?

The bridesmaids ran in and out of the bus to keep warm, stealing a groomsman jacket whenever possible.  The falling snow made for the perfect backdrop for all of the photos throughout the day.  While summer is always a fun time of year to be shooting, there is a beauty and purity to winter that surpasses all seasons–but the warmth and love that  Shelly & Brian share couldn’t have been a more perfect couple to put in that backdrop.


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Rebecca & Jed Tie the Knot

January 17th, 2014

Rebecca and Jed were the perfect couple to help us start off 2014.  We’re off to a great year with weddings.  The day began with the girls getting ready at their family apple orchard just north of Elkhorn, WI.  Having a unique, fun environment to take getting ready photos is always the way to go!  Beautifully arranged photos were made by Crazy for You, and Rebecca wore a dress made by Casablanca and Betsy Johnson shoes.  The ceremony took place at a country church practically across the street called Sugar Creek Lutheran Church.  Everyone had to pack in, but with the cold winter air outside, I don’t think anyone minded at all!


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January 15th, 2014

“Hey, Jon!  How’s it going? What can I do for you?”

“Not much, Jake.  Thanks for answering my call.  I was wondering if you could help me out.  I have always wanted to get more into photography.  I look at your pictures all the time on Facebook and want to take as good of pictures as you do.  So I’ve been saved up $500 so I can buy a big camera like yours so I can take great photographs too.”

“…..”  (Silence and frustration, I have heard this before)


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Great Wedding Show Weekend!

January 13th, 2014

We love wedding shows for a lot of reasons.  Primarily because they are just a lot of fun.  We get to meet hundreds of recently engaged brides who are beginning the exciting (0r daunting?) task of planning their wedding.  Sometimes we even get to meet a couple of the engagee’s–the groom, that is–who often prefer carrying the food rather than the flyers.  They at least appear to be having fun.


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Amanda & Brian Pour the Dirt

May 4th, 2013

Amanda and Brian are my neighbors.  Literally they live about a 5 iron golf shot away.  Amanda’s dad is a fun friend on Facebook and we have tons of interconnected friendships.  So today was really special.  Amanda was stunning and Brian looked dapper.  Renee, owner of Frontier Flowers did an outstanding job on the flowers.  The Starline looked amazing.  Angelus, of Walworth, WI did the decorating.  I was blown away with the organic, over-the-top custom designed wedding reception they accomplished!!!  Wow!  Check out some of the photos from the reception.It was a picture perfect day.  Celebrations on Wells catered a delicious meal and did a wonderful job of serving.  All around this wedding was a home run.  Nice work Amanda and family for pulling this all together! Below are a few of my favorite shots.


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My-Life Movie/Montage

April 16th, 2013

If you have a My-Life Montage or My-Life Movie in your package please follow these instructions in order to get the most out of this fun and exciting part of the reception. We need this no later than 30 days before your wedding.

Please scan up to 75 images you want us to display as part of the family photo portion of your slideshow. We recommend 25 from the bride’s growing up years, 25 from the groom’s and 25 from together photos and/or friend photos. Please make sure you name them in the order you wish to have us show them. This is how I request you name them: 0001.jpg, 0002.jpg, 0003.jpg …. 0024.jpg, 0025.jpg….0075.jpg. (Please do not name them any other “creative” way.)

Please make sure you scan the photos right side up and keep them square. Try to scan only the photo and not additional white space. Please upload via DropBox or Google Drive. You can send to my account at:

Note that we have our own computer, projector and screen and this comes as part of the service we provide for you. We prefer to use our own equipment for showing the slideshows whenever possible. It helps ensure a quality experience. If your venue has a requirement to use their equipment please let us know.

We have a cable to goes out of our headphone jack to a converter into the DJ or bands mixer as RCA. Please check with your Band or DJ to make sure they can accommodate RCA in. We provide music we have paid for the right to use and publish to the Internet. Ask about the option to add mainstream music. Prices range from $19 to $49. We do not mark up the price but simply pass on the cost.  If you want to have input into the music for your My-Life slideshow please let us know.

Here is a link to our favorite songs we have the license to use for your wedding videos and there is no extra fee.

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February 9th, 2013


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